Best Beginner Friendly Camera Drone For Photography & Videography In India

There are couple of drones available in the Indian market. But as a beginner to choose right drone for professional photography and videography that may use in our content creation( eg. – vlogging) , advertisement creation, wedding shoot etc., we have to keep couple of things in our mind. The most important tips or things we have to check before buying any drone are hereby.


1st, We have to check the camera resolution. For creating high quality aerial shots we have to ensure that the drone has at least 1080p resolution or not. It will be great if it has 4k resolution support. Also we have to check that it records in how many fps( frames per second ) ? 60fps is good to record smooth videos.

2nd, We have to check the controls of the drone. Easy controlling helps the new pilot to control the drone properly and take stunning shots, so we should prefer easy to control drone.

3rd, We have to check the battery backup of the drone. We should take that drone which will give us maximum flying time. We should check the mah of the battery( eg. 3.7 volt 3600 mah.)

4th, We should take extra batteries of that particular drone. Because if we have more time to fly then we can take more footage of the particular moment. Fly more combos are preferred.

5th, We have to check that how many aerial modes are available in that drone so that inspite of being a beginner we can record cinematic and creatives shots with our drone.

6th, We have to ensure that the drone has gps, good control range, accurate return to home feature and safety feature so that we can take maximum aerial shots of that particulars area.

7th, As a beginner we should go with nano category drones which are under 250 grams so that we freely fly the drones in India keeping few rules in our mind.

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